I've just set up GnuCash (Linux). I have all my accounts set up (a lot of work). I have moved over all the data from Quicken (a lot more work) and everything balances. I have gone through the online banking setup and can connect to my bank just fine. The setup recognized the three accounts I have this bank and I associated them to the corresponding GnuCash accounts. But I'm excited and confused. It seems there is quite a bit of information about setting up online banking but hardly anything on how to actually use it. When I read GnuCash has online banking my expectation is that it would work similar to Quicken?

So here I am just starting to use GnuCash:

1) Now I want to send several bill payments to the bank. With Q, I setup the online payees first and then just put 'send' in the check number to make a payment. What do I do in GnuCash? How do I make payments?

2) I have three separate accounts at the same bank. With Q, I just just click on "Ron's Bank". It then downloads all the transactions and sends all the payments for all three accounts at one time. How do I do that with GnuCash?

3) I have several scheduled online payments set up in Q. I set it up once and then every month it automatically pays the same amount on the scheduled date. I don't have to do anything else. How do I do that with GnuCash?

I'd appreciate some help on how to use these online features.


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