Op dinsdag 6 maart 2018 02:08:07 CET schreef David Carlson:
> If GnuCash uses a different method than all other programs, that would make
> this the only program that could not pipe output to a printer in the 21st
> century.
Let's rather say "a linux program ported to Windows using a toolkit that's 
been obsolete and unmaintained for a number of years".

Anyway, I don't expect any of the current developers to spend effort on trying 
to get this resorted in the 2.6 series. This is mainly due to time restratines 
and the 3.0 release being around the corner.

Now if the 3.0 release has the same issue, that would be a more likely get our 
attention. So it would be useful if one of you that's having this issue can 
try what happens when doing the same with the most recent gnucash 2.7.5 
release. Keep in mind this is beta software, so use it only after you have 
made a backup of your books!


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