On almost all my invoices for my business, I either request the customer
reimburse me for USPS shipping or filing fees.

So, a typical invoice will have two lines:

1. WORK THAT IS DONE - income account - income:sales - $2,000
2. Shipping - income account - income:reimburseable expenses


I post the invoice, then I get a deposit in my bank account.  I assign that
deposit as a payment, so it goes to accounts receivable.  It then shows up
on the invoice as a payment.

The problem is, if I do it this way, it's difficult to later try to tally up
how much money I actually was paid in SALES and not reimburseable expenses
for a period, because it groups the reimburseable expenses in there.

Also, income:reimburseable expenses never is balanced, because I cannot
assign a payment, even when I split, and have a portion of it go to
income:reimburseable expenses, because when you assign the payment, it goes
to A/R.  If I later modify the split portion that is for shipping to go to
income:reimburseable expenses, it no longer shows up on the invoice as a

So what is the best way to do this?

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