Op zondag 11 maart 2018 08:02:58 CET schreef curmudgeon:
> I just upgraded to v2.6.19 (on OSX High Sierra) and now the balances in the
> Customer Overview screen are incorrect.  Receivable Ageing and Customer
> Reports are correct.
> It looks like random old transactions are not included in the balances (e.g.
> some invoices from 2015 or 2016 but not their payments) but I couldn't be
> sure without further investigation.
> Has anyone else seen this problem?  Anyone know how to fix it?  Do I need to
> start a new file for the new year?
> Thanks

The most likely cause is these transactions were not entered via the business 
features, but perhaps via an import or directly manually.

The solution would be to tell gnucash these payments should be linked to the 
proper invoices.

How to do this is explained here:



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