Hi all,

GNUCash newbie here.


The problems I am having are: 

1.      I can only print to PDF – no option for real printer use. I understand 
this is a problem with GNUCash on W10, so I’ll let that go.


2.      If I create a PDF report it splits whatever is at the page break across 
the pages. For example the top half of a text line will be on the bottom of 
page 1 and the bottom half of the text on page 2. How do I make it page break 
at the end of a line?


3.      Australia use A4 paper, but I can’t see where the PDF page size in 
GNUCash is set up. One Report needs to be in A3 landscape, and currently I have 
to export it to HTML, into Excel, reformat and then print it.  Is there a way 
of setting the PDF print properties for GNUCash?


4.      I want to add a report footer that has “Page x of y” in for my 
multi-page reports. How do I do that?


Thank you everyone – be gentle😊




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