> On Apr 4, 2018, at 5:53 AM, Rich Shepard <rshep...@appl-ecosys.com> wrote:
> On Tue, 3 Apr 2018, John Ralls wrote:
>> Does business.gnucash use the SQLite3 backend? If so, that would explain
>> the absence of backups, and I suggest you set up some OS-level backup
>> mechanism for it.
> John,
>  I use the default backend; 'file' shows it as a compressed Unix file;
> perhaps gzipped xml?
>  Every midnight cron runs dirvish for incremental backups.
>  What's interesting is since I loaded the business.gnucash file yesterday
> and everything displayed as it should, the list of files in the business
> subdirectory includes business.gnucash (which opens the current state of
> that account) as well as several .gnucash and .log files from yesterday's
> activities. For example, business.gnucash.20180403104944.gnucash and
> business.gnucash.20180403104944.log. So, the business account works as
> expected.
>  On the other hand, the personal account can be loaded by specifying only a
> 'personal.gnucash.*.gnucash' file. When I open personal.gnucash I get an
> empty display with no CoA or anything else. Specifically, the recently
> opened file list shows 'personal.gnucash.20180403092939.gnucash'.
>  I suspect that I can rename one of the datetime stamped files to
> personal.gnucash, and clean up that subdirectory. I would appreciate your
> thoughts on this.
>  Having just opened gnucash, and shut it down, these are the files in the
> personal/ subdirectory:
> gnucash-coa.gnucash
> personal.gnucash
> personal.gnucash.20180402112722.log
> personal.gnucash.20180402112803.log
> personal.gnucash.20180402112813.gnucash
> personal.gnucash.20180402112813.log
> personal.gnucash.20180403092537.log
> personal.gnucash.20180403092537.log.gnucash
> personal.gnucash.20180403092537.log.gnucash.20180403092911.log
> personal.gnucash.20180403092840.gnucash
> personal.gnucash.20180403092840.log
> personal.gnucash.20180403092939.gnucash
> personal.gnucash.20180403092939.gnucash.20180403095225.log
> personal.gnucash.20180403092939.gnucash.20180403104401.log
> personal.gnucash.20180403092939.gnucash.20180403125139.log
> personal.gnucash.20180403092939.gnucash.20180403125159.gnucash
> personal.gnucash.20180403092939.gnucash.20180403125159.log
> personal.gnucash.20180403092939.gnucash.20180404053639.log
> personal.gnucash.20180403092939.gnucash.20180404053716.log
> personal.gnucash.20180403092939.log
> personal.gnucash.20180403104006.log
> personal.gnucash.20180404053709.log
>  The newest log file is
> personal.gnucash.20180403092939.gnucash.20180404053716.log while the newest
> .gnucash file is
> personal.gnucash.20180403092939.gnucash.20180403125159.gnucash.
>  Can I copy the latter to personal.gnucash so that's the file name
> displayed in most-recently opened files? I would like to clean this up.


The newest file *should* be personal.gnucash.20180403092939.gnucash; 
personal.gnucash.20180403092939.gnucash.20180403125159.gnucash should be the 
previous version from the last save.

Yes, you can rename any of the .gnucash files to personal.gnucash and then use 
File>Open to open it, then clean out the directory of the backups. The next 
time you open GnuCash 3.0 it will offer to delete the missing files from the 
MRU l list.

John Ralls
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