​Until version 3.0, I could download and import .qfx transaction files from
my bank for checking and savings ​accounts, as well as credit card
transactions from several sources.  File->Import->Import OFX/QFX for any
qfx suffixed files from any source worked flawlessly.

With version 3.0, attempting to import any of these files yields a blank
"Generic import transaction matcher" window.  I've looked at Tools->Import
Map Editor, and see all my bank and credit card accounts in each of the
Bayesian, Non-Bayesian, and Online ID radio-button tabs, but there doesn't
seem to be any way to map a .qfx file.

I have set up a couple csv mappings, but this seems to be a clumsy way of
doing things, compared to the v 2.xx way of doing things.

What am I missing?  How can I restore the ease of importing .qfx files in v
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