Hi Senthil,

at first a few notes about mailing lists:
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* Do not send normal mails to gnucash-user-requ...@gnucash.org
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Now about your report:
Can you look in your csv file. What do you see in column commodityn?
"INR" or "₹"?

If the csv contains now "₹", open a bug report
 Component: Import - CSV
Describe, what hapened and report the result of the following trial:

try the following:
Menu Tools->Security  Editor;
Enable "Show National Currencies";
Open the tree of Currencies,
Sort by Symbol (click on the column),
Search INR,
 After saving the "₹" e.g. in a text file,
 Replace Display Symbol by "INR"
Now redo your export and import in the Android app.
Which Symbol do you now see?

You might consider to reset the diplay symbol later.


Am 06.04.2018 um 20:50 schrieb senthil kumar via gnucash-user:
> Hi Guys,
> I Upgraded to gnucash version 3.0 on my desktop. Uploaded a bunch of 
> transactions into various accounts using the csv file upload.
> Transferred the backup file to my Android application and imported it. I now 
> see that all the currencies are showing as xxx. See screenshot below. 
> Not sure how to fix this issue. Can someone help?
> ThanksSenthil
> Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android 
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