Phil Longstaff <> writes:

Hello Phil,

> I have attached a report which does this.
> I have attached ytd-budget.scm. I have this file in
> c:\Users\phill\.gnucash\reports. I then add this line to
> c:\Users\phill\.gnucash\config.user:
>     (load "c:\\Users\\phill\\.gnucash\\reports\\ytd-budget.scm")

I took your report from here:

and put it into ~/.gnucash on my Linux machine.

Moreover, I've the following line:

(load (gnc-build-dotgnucash-path "ytd-budget.scm"))

in my ~/.gnucash/config.user

and the report is not visible nor I get anything in the terminal despite
launching Gnu cash with:

$ gnucash --debug --log gnc.scm=debug

Any hint?

Let me say that I have several years of data in Gnucash (since Nov 2010,
but recently moved to (h)ledger due to Budgeting/ Forecasting features
- there is '--cumulative' switch for budgets and I believe that your
report does provide same/simialčr feature to do envelope budgeting.

Moreover, entering data, recurring transactions, reconciling etc. are
all quicker and/or more convenient in GC that with #plaintextaccounting
apps, so I'm eager to go back to GC, if possible.


As a strong wind sweeps away a boat on the water,
even one of the roaming senses on which the mind
focuses can carry away a man's intelligence.

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