Hi Paul,

Recent versions of Finance::Quote use Alpha Vantage for currency (exchange 
rate) quotes instead of yahoo. Mike Alexander's mod to Quote.pm puts a 1 second 
sleep between each call to Alpha Vantage for currency quotes.

The link still works for me - maybe you have to paste the link into a browser?

Regards, Chris Good

> On 8 Apr 2018, at 2:04 AM, Paul Bates <lordpaul...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Chris Good -- when we fixed the Alpha Vantage timeout problem no changes were 
> required for the Qoute.pm module.  I am wondering what changes have been 
> made.  The link
> https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mtalexander/finance-quote/6ee43ea08b504617
> 142139fda41ae45be865fa38/lib/Finance/Quote.pm
> no longer works.
> Paul Bates
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