I wonder the same too. Although new reports are enough for me now.

But I had to delete lots of old custom reports because they no more worked (or compiled)

But in future I may want to have my own custom reports.

I wish there was GnuCash library with we could simply call Gnc_LoadFile("path") and then we could also do all the magical things that GnuCash does!


On Sunday 08 April 2018 02:38 PM, Saša Janiška wrote:

while having problems to load certain (ytd-budget.scm) report in 2.6.20
under (Fedora) Linux i nthe attempt to return back to GnuCash from
(h)ledger, I wonder if there is some plan in regard to the future of
custom reports, iow. is it still recommended to learn some Scheme in
order to achieve/tweak  what is missing, do you envision using Python or
something else suitable to enable end-users write custom reports (more)


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