Is it possible to batch/bulk downloading transactions for multiple accounts?

I'm a long-time MS Money and Quicken user who is investigating switching to 
GnuCash. I've successfully download account transactions via Actions->Online 
Actions->Get Transactions. But I have many different accounts at many different 
financial institutions, and downloading transactions one account at a time, and 
being prompted for PIN/password at each one, is very tedious. I like how both 
MS Money and Quicken can download transactions from all accounts sequentially 
in a single operation with only one password prompt at startup (all bank 
PINs/passwords are stored in a local vault).

Is there a way in GnuCash, either through the UI or some scriptable API, to do 
this? I searched what documentation I could find, but without much luck.

I did find this interesting tidbit:

"GnuCash uses libofx/aqbanking for OFX/QFX support, so you should look there 
for Direct Connect support: http://aquamaniac.de/aqbanking/ . Also, there is a 
python script available that can do this for you at [ 
http://www.jongsma.org/gc/ ]."


However, that script url is no longer valid, and I wasn't able to find it 
cached at archive.org. Besides, I thought I read elsewhere that Windows and Mac 
builds of GnuCash don't support python extensions. I tried playing around with 
the aqbanking-cli.exe and aqhbci-tool4 utilities, but the documentation is 
rather spotty and I wasn't able to get far.

Any ideas?


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