I've Gnucash XML file containing ~8k transactions covering the period of
several years up to the end of 2017 (not exactly, sometime around 20th
of Dec) when I migrated to (h)ledger and keep my journal file up to

Now, after discovering that ytd-budget.scm report can cover my needs for
envelop budgeting (maybe along with Chris' work on the feature) - I also
plan to learn some Scheme/Guile to possibly cover forecasting feature -
I'd like to migrate my data back to GnuCash, but I wonder whether I

a) import the diffence of missing txns from Dec 2017 up to now?

b) import all the txns from hledger-exported CSV(s) - one file per
currency, as I'm told in #gnucash, into a new XML file, although in this
case I'd probably have to import tree of accounts exported from the
current one?

c) some other scenario?

Any other thing I should be concerned about?


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