I recently installed GNUCash 3.0 from 2.8. I have several accounting files. One of them does not load / crashes on load with the trace error:

* 16:36:05  WARN <gnc.app-utils> Could not spawn perl: Failed to execute child process (No such file or directory) * 16:36:27  WARN <gnc.gui> error reading group Page 1 key ShowUnused: Key file does not have key “ShowUnused” in group “Page 1” * 16:36:34  WARN <GLib-GObject> invalid uninstantiatable type '(NULL)' in cast to 'QofInstance'

Other files open fine. It appears that there is a report that changed/not the same as it was in the previous versions. I'm going to try to downgrade to the previous version and close all the tabs and then reopen in the new file.

I'd suggest adding a 'safe mode' option or changing behavior to the file when opened by a new version to only open the chart of accounts and disregard all the open tabs (or do a check of the tabs and see if they can render).


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