2018-04-12T12:17:40-0400 Elmar wrote:
> If this does go to a web forum, it would be good to have an RSS feed
> for the individual emails.  The digest keeps the inbox level down, but
> shifting to an RSS feeder is often much more convenient for things
> like this, imho.

I do get the general idea of having a news "feed", and I completely
agree on the usefulness of feed/news files. If I'm not mistaken Mailman
3 with HyperKitty combination keeps the mailing list functionality but
also provides a forum-like interface, so in this combination there would
be no need for the feed/news file. But if we do resort to using such
files, it's best (and more secure for the end-user) to do so using the
Atom feed/news/aggregation standard instead of RSS, and also make it so
that the full content appears in the items, not just a "This is a long
text example... cut" body.
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