In GnuCash 3.0, I tried to enable online banking in accessing

(I had previous made an unsuccessful attempt to do this with 2.6.x).

The first thing I found was that after launching Tools --> Online
Banking Setup, I got a popup window that would not close.

Possibly something is not set up right.

I see the following:

> GnuCash now uses AqBanking as a means to handle connections to financial 
> institutions. GnuCash must be configured using --enable-hbci and --enable-ofx 
> in order for OFXDirectConnect to be available. Note: --enable-hbci is really 
> two things at once. It means --enable-aqbanking and --enable-hbci. Although 
> there isn't an --enable-aqbanking per se. But you need AqBanking for 
> DirectConnect, which is why you need to --enable-hbci.

Hmmm: "why you need to --enable-hbci"

What does this mean?  Launch gnucash with this parameter?  Put it into
some configuration file before (or after) building?  And if so, which file?

And does any of this apply to 3.x?

Thanks in advance for your answer.
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