It works. Thanks. Using export to .csv and import from .csv is way more 
    On Sunday, April 15, 2018, 12:05:53 AM GMT+8, Geert Janssens 
<> wrote:  
 Op zaterdag 14 april 2018 17:27:29 CEST schreef Glenn Bordonada via gnucash-
> I saved my .gnucash file as .xml.gnucash file.
> In my next data entry session, I forgot about this and entered some
> transactions. These were entered into the .xml.gnucash file. Now I want to
> go back to using my old .gnucash file. How do I recover the transactions I
> entered into .xml.gnucash file. Is there a way of saving the xml.gnucash
> file as .gnucash file?
> Glenn

File->Save As...
should do the job. It works just like in any other ordinary application (Word, 

Gnucash will only append a .gnucash extension if you didn't explicitly type 

So if your original file was abc.gnucash, you can just use save as to resave 
your abc.xml.gnucash to abc or abc.gnucash. GnuCash will ask you if it's ok to 
overwrite the original file.



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