I am trying to deal with Return of Capital events happening over a series of 
dates, therefore a series of lots. 
For whatever reason, I am not able to adjust individual lot amounts.

Tx 0:January 1,2017
$1000 DR Stock:XYZ Corp 100 sh @ $10/shr     
$1000 CR Cash
 And in ACTION->View Lots make this Lot 0
Tx 1: March 1,2017
$10 DR Cash     
             Dividend for Reinvestment
$10 CR Income:Dividend:XYZ Corp

$10 DR Stock:XYZ Corp 1 sh@ $10/shr
$10 CR Cash
 And in ACTION->View Lots make this Lot 1

Next 3 transactions identical to Tx 1
Tx 2: June 1,2017  (Lot 2)
Tx 3: Sep 1,2017   (Lot 3)
Tx 4: Dec 1,2017   (Lot 4)

Now, I have 104 shares of XYZ purchased over 12 months at $10/shr ($1040) in 5 

Then, in Jan 2018, my brokerage statement shows that $20 of the $40 Dividend 
was Return of Capital.
I then enter the transaction

Tx 5: Jan 31, 2018
$20 DR Income:Dividend:XYZ Corp
$20 CR Return of Capital:XYZ Corp

So my total investment in XYZ Corp is now $1020 in 5 lots (100,1,1,1,1) 
and my $20 gets allocated pro rata (100/104*$20, 1/104*$20, etc) or ($19.23, 
The last amount is adjusted up a penny because of small fractions to add up to 
(In real life, the share price varied each quarter so fractional shares were 

The problem happens in the lots mechanism. I now want to enter the following 

Tx 6: 
$20       DR Return of Capital:XYZ Corp
$19.23 CR Stock:XYZ Corp  Memo:this is ROC for Lot 0
$ 00.19 CR Stock:XYZ Corp  Memo:this is ROC for Lot 1
$ 00.19 CR …
$ 00.19 CR …
$ 00.20 CR …

When I open ACTION->View Lots, none of the CREDIT splits show up for me to put 
into their appropriate lots.

I don’t want to do a buy/sell of each lot, because I lose date tracking.

It would be nice if the Lots would show all Tx splits for Stock:XYZ Corp, even 
the ones with 0 shares at 0 cost per share.
It appears my only option is to hold the ROC CR transactions until I sell XYZ 
Corp, and then incorporate them into
the capital gain/loss reconciliation.

Any other suggestions?

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