> I think that the currency offered on the accounts page is the
   currency of the root account. That’s set when you create a new book
   with File>New and its default is the default currency in Preferences.
   Once it’s set for a book it can’t be changed in the GUI.

   Thanks for the info, John. I was hoping it was that easy. But... Here
   are a few interesting details:

   - I wanted to convert my XML book to SQLite and modify the root-account
   currency. However, I see no other book format options besides xml.
   GnuCash was installed from the default OpenSuse repo.
   - Checked one of the SQLite backup files and the root account is
   already in EUR commodity.
   - The summary line at the bottom of the Accounts window is showing all
   the amounts in Euros, respecting the default currency setting, it

   But the list of columns that can be added to the Accounts window still
   only contains the locale currency (GBP).
   Changing the system default language also had no effect on the currency
   displayed here.
   I was going to check the config directory but I see no

   The story continues.
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