I just installed GnuCash for the first time yesterday. No prior version
install on my Win 10Pro system. I have entered only 10 customers and about
16 transactions, but more often than not, when I open the program, the lock
from the previous time I opened is still on and I cannot open it. It
usually takes about 5-10 tries of "Open Anyway", open as read only, etc. to
get the file to open. I have had the most success trying to open, letting
it crash and tell windows about the crash, then deleting the lock file,
reopening as read only and then saving as a different file name. Once I do
that, and it takes several tries, I can then open the original file as the
lock is off it. I have output all transactions to a CSV file and can't see
any errors (but as a newbie, I don't really know what I'm looking for!).
Any help is appreciated. This is too much work to make it worthwhile!
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