Op maandag 16 april 2018 21:00:17 CEST schreef Fross, Michael:
> Thank you Geert.  This is extremely helpful.  I appreciate you taking the
> time to document all of that.  May make sense to get this into the  wiki...
Feel free to add it somewhere :)

> For Windows, I assume there are also two directories that correspond do
> ~.local/share/gnucash and ~/.config/gnucash.  I'll take a look for them.

Windows doesn't seem to make this distinction in general, so on that platform 
config files and application data files still end up in the same directory:

CSIDL_APPDATA is a Windows configurable similar to the XDG directories. I 
don't know Windows well enough to know how you can customize it though. It's 
default value is



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