I have been unable to get F:Q to work with Indian stocks and mutual funds 
either, but that limitation is now overcome with GC 3.* series introducing the 
ability to upload prices from a CSV file. I have been using this feature in 3.2 
and it works well. In fact, if your CSV format is finalised, then you can even 
save your import settings, so next time, you will have less options to tweak.

All that the CSV price importer needs is as follows -


Commodity is the mutual fund code or whatever is the security code you setup in 
the security editor. Currency, in our case, is INR.

Only observation is that all uploaded prices have the “type” set to “last”. 
Mutual funds don’t have “last”, so I go in and update them to “NAV” instead. If 
you are not too finicky, you can leave them as is - it’s only for informational 


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Hi all, sorry if this is not the right place (if so, please advise) for this

I'm having a hard time trying to get GnuCash to 'Get Quotes'. It throws an
error saying 'Unable to retrieve quotes for these items: Currency:INR
Continue using only the good quotes? Yes/No'.

I've got just the 1 security for now. It's a mutual fund code 101143 at

Seems like it's setup ok on Security editor.

So, I've had a crash course into running perl modules, and ran (from a
run.bat file):

perl "C:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\bin\gnc-fq-dump" indiamutual 125112

This works as:

But I can't figure out why the 'Get Quote' via GnuCash won't work! :(

From reading around, there seems to be a major shift (to Alpha Vantage) that
shouldn't be relevant to this case?

Currently, I work with Excel, and will port my accounts to GnuCash if the
price editor can import mutual fund NAV's.

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