Am 10.08.2018 um 13:27 schrieb Edacc:
> Hi,
> There is documentation on employing a Gnuash account hierarchy to produce
> special purpose gl codes for VAT, and that is extremely helpful. I can see
> that a report could be then run against them to produce the numbers to go
> into the various boxes of the return and first time round the return can be
> filtered by 'before the cut off date' so transactions belonging to a future
> quarter are not included.
> Next time the VAT report is required for the following period the 'before
> date' filter stops me including post date transactions again, but how do I
> not include transactions dated within the prior period, but not included in
> the prior return?
> This is a common situation, especially with input transactions which can get
> 'temporarily lost' and are posted to the books after preparation of a
> period's VAT return although they are dated within that period. The proper
> thing to do is then to include them in the next VAT return, and because they
> are inputs there is no cashflow loss to HMRC so no hassle.

My solution to this problem would be to setup a temporary asset account
for “input tax deductible in following period/year”. At least that’s the
way it’s done here in Germany and you got a very formal tax office that
also requires this for your periodic returns and not just at the end of
the year.

But yes other software usually has an option to decide whether to
include tax information from a previous period in the current return or
to send a correction of the previous one.

Kind regards

Christian Kluge

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