Hello out there:  1) Am a former user of Quicken, finally "moved"  to try a
new system.  2)  I have spent a huge amount of time getting acclimated to
double-entry, importing QIF data, etc.  I finally feel like I get the
system, even like the system, after ignoring my community for more than a
week of vacation. 2) Am using what purports to be the recent, updated
version:   *Version: 3.2  Build ID: 3.2+ (2018-06-24)  *

3) MY ISSUE:   Imagine my (gulp) extreme disappointment to find that *after
all that effort* ... cleaning up & entering about 7 months of Income,
Expense, Liability, Asset Data... but for the life of me, I can't seem to
get anything even close to a Quicken style cashflow report. What I used to
do was print *monthly, numerical, income/expense reports*.  All those
transactions nicely summed under all my expense subaccounts.... I could
really tell what was going on.  I do not use (or even like) piecharts,
scatterplots, or tables of little color bars.  I do not want Grand Account
Totals (Jan to June), I want a table by month, for each Account, with it's
sub-account "children" below it.

4) I really have studied various GNUcash documentation,  manuals, looked at
a few videos,  searched on line.  I think I'm smart enough, been patient
enough, I'm really working hard... but to what end?  What on earth is the
deal?  What am I missing here?  Is it the version I'm using, and if so, can
someone tell me what to do, please.  Thx in advance,   DF
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