On 8/13/2019 10:57 AM, Dale Alspach wrote:

The Gnucash documentation could make some general statements about
differences between Gnucash and other accounting software, but it would be
too much to expect specifics about the other software.
Gnucash IS ordinary, run of the mill, double entry accounting software << all the double entry apps I have used are also "virtual journal" >> There is little to learn for anybody familiar with double entry bookkeeping (and that IS standard for accounting, has been for a VERY long time)

If you mean "differences from other applications that are NOT standard accounting" why should that be necessary. Shouldn't simply saying that gnucash is "double entry bookkeeping" enough? The documentation DOES make that clear. Not up to gnucash to point out that non-double entry isn't standard accounting.

Michael D Novack
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