As far as moving accounts into a nested position later, I think you can use
the "Edit Account" functionality to change the Parent Account setting. Found
this out after carelessly creating an account in the wrong place. You don't
need to delete anything. The program automatically updates all the
transactions that reference the moved account. 
Also extremely convenient when I had to enter dozens of transactions is the
autofill. I'd get the wording of the transaction, like "Reinvest Dividends :
SBUX" or "Reinvest Cap Gains : SBUX" the way I like them. Any further
transactions I only need to type enough text of the transaction description
to uniquely identify it, and all the splits are automatically brought in; I
just need to change the numerical values for shares, cost, etc. It's a very
nice feature. My favorite invocation of this is when I'm entering a
paycheck. It's got 13 splits, which would be brutally tedious to have to
enter every time. Plus, the amounts for the splits are based upon the last
transaction, *not* what a certain program with a Q used to do (based it upon
useless percentages).

Ken Farley
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