Op woensdag 15 januari 2020 05:15:07 CET schreef Fourhundred Thecat:
> Hello,
> I am using Gnucash 3.4 with Mysql (MariaDB) backend.
> Every time I start Gnucash, I have to type in the mysql password.
> The way I see it, this seems more like a security theater than a real
> security. Normally when Gnucash is using xml backend, files are stored
> locally unencrypted. I see no reason why mysql backend should be any
> different. Besides, security (encryption) should not be handles on
> application level, but rather on System level (I have LUKS encrypted HDD)
> Can I store the password locally? (in a config file, plaitext is fine).
> Or, if this is not possible, where can I hard code it in the gnucash
> sourcecode ?
> I already had to compile Gnucash from source (even though there exists a
> Debian package for my distribution), so recompiling again would not be
> difficult.
> I think I read somewhere that password can be stored in Gnome Keyring,
> but I am not using Gnome Keyring.

If you don't want to type the password every time, using Gnome Keyring is the 
only option provided on linux to store the password. It shouldn't hurt 
installing gnome keyring even if you only use it for gnucash.



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