In your email client there is usually an option for 'Reply to List" or
"Group Reply" or something similar otherwise if the meassage was from Liz's
private email address just add "" usually separated
by a comma from her email address or include it in the CC field of the
email.  The Nabble interface is a reply to the list.

You might find the tracefile gives
you more information about what is happenening in the import. The log file
in your data directory is only a record of the operations GnuCash has
performed and really doesn't contain much debugging information.  If you can
attach a copy of the tracefile to your post

If you can descibe what steps of the import process were completed before
the import failed we will have a better chance of working out what happened. 

Importing QIF files and the steps in the process is covered in this section
of the Help manual

David Cousens

David Cousens
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