i have a problem with gpg-agent when using it with a yubikey neo. after some time gpg-agent refuses to sign any data and so any ssh login with my key stored on the yubikey will fail. the gpg-agent log shows the following messages:

2015-05-30 13:49:36 gpg-agent[3600] error accessing card: Conflicting use 2015-05-30 13:49:36 gpg-agent[3600] smartcard signing failed: Conflicting use 2015-05-30 13:49:38 gpg-agent[3600] error getting default authentication keyID of card: Conflicting use

the command to start gpg-agent on KDE login is:
eval "$(/usr/bin/gpg-agent --daemon --enable-ssh-support --log-file ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.log)"

i haven't found the exact circumstances when it happens but its more likely to happen when the yubikey was plugged off and re-inserted, but it also happens without pull off from time to time. a restart of gpg-agent fixes the issue. it also often happens after i've pressed the yubikey button to generate an OTP but not always.

gnupg version is 2.0.27-r1 running on sabayon linux.

when using the same yubikey on my ubuntu 14.04 notebook at work i never had this problem.

thanks for any help.


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