I have found another way, as my project is based on node js. I use the 
child_process package to launch gpg. I have already wrote a function to 
generate a new key pair directly in a smart card. Nonetheless, if I fail to 
create a node js function good enough for my needs, I give your solution a try.


Le 17 sept. 2016, à 13:32, Werner Koch <w...@gnupg.org<mailto:w...@gnupg.org>> 
a écrit:

On Fri, 16 Sep 2016 20:45, thecisso...@hotmail.fr said:
 Hi, how can I interface directly with gpg via gpgme like in the
 gpgme_op_edit. Is gpgme_op_spawn of any use in this case ? Is there an
 equivalent of gpgme_op_assuan_transact_ext for GPG ?

Yes, you need to implement the callback for gpgme_op_edit (or
gpgme_op_interact in the forthcoming 1.7).  You probably want to build
an FSM for this.  If you encounter an unknown keyword simply send a LF,
which is what you would have done on the command line too to use the
default answer.

For an example on how to build such a thing, check out the file
src/gpgmeedit.c from GPA.

gpgme_op_spawn is of no use for you.



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