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> Hi all--
> sorry for the late followup on this thread:
> On Mon 2017-01-16 14:16:28 -0500, Werner Koch wrote:
>> On Sun, 15 Jan 2017 00:39, gn...@jelmail.com said:
>>> Just experimenting in a sandbox homedir, I noticed that the homedir path
>>> needs to be below a certain size.
>> That is because on most Unix systems the file name for local socket is
>> limited in size.  Local sockets are used for communication between the
>> components (e.g. gpg and gpg-agent).

That is still wrong.  The length of the path of the socket is not
limited in any way, the length of the path passed to connect is.

I still believe we could have/should have made it just work with any
home directory.


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