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> My experience has been from te early 80s I thought encrypted
> communications would grow to a world wide phenomena - but I was a bit
> optimistic. Top security professional in my opinion don't tell people
> to encrypt which is there best form of security.
> It seems to me there are two or three types that use encryption
> (1) those that actually need it
> (2) computer nerds who think it's some holy grail
> (3) ordinary people trying to get more ordinary people to see sense
> I posted your little bit of advice to a Linux group on FB - the
> reaction was not as I expected - condescending replies in the main -
> none of whom and the intelligence to see the implications - I felt I
> was defending what was a good idea.

The main motivation for me, why i still deal with things like privacy,
anonymity and security on the Internet is my 11 years old godchild.
When she get's older and those topics should come up i then can
still teach her a bit about those things. :-) 


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