On 10/10/17 01:46, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
> With respect to specific distros, we ought use the name the distro
> prefers.  The Fedora Project releases Fedora, not Fedora GNU/Linux.  The
> Debian guys release Debian GNU/Linux, not Debian Linux.  The people who
> set up these distros have given their distros names, and it seems
> appropriate to use the names properly.  It is as inappropriate to refer
> to Debian Linux as it is to refer to Fedora GNU/Linux: in both cases
> that's rejecting the community's right to name their distro what they wish.

To me it appears hypocritical that you are speaking of “respecting
community rights” where the aforesaid communities (more precisely, the
founding developers who are the ones that actually choose the name of
the distribution, not the later community) have stepped over the right
of recognition of the GNU projects.

The most important contribution of the GNU project is not the software
packages, but starting the free software movement. GNU/Linux
distributions are only possible because of free software.

Do not eat animals; respect them as you respect people.

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