On Wed 2017-10-11 08:53:59 +0200, Fourhundred Thecat wrote:
>> On 2017-10-10 15:48, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
>>  You could try the following:
>>     export GNUPGHOME=$(mktemp -d)
>>     gpg -d file.gpg
>>     rm -rf "$GNUPGHOME"
> thank you, that works.
> But it still starts the gpg-agent.
> How can I use gpg without the agent ?

Modern GnuPG delegates passphrase caching and secret key management to
the gpg-agent co-process.

The gpg-agent process should disappear as soon as you remove the
ephemeral home directory.

Why do you care whether gpg is one process or two processes?


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