I use gpg-agent as my SSH agent.

I've successfully set it up, now whenever I restart gpg-agent (e.g. on
reboot), it will ask for the passphrase twice, once for the GPG keys,
once for the SSH keys, even though they are the same passphrases.

First setup: I called ssh-add to add existing SSH keys to GPG.
gpg-agent asked for a passphrase to encrypt the keys, so I presume the
passphrase must be different from the one I use for my GPG keys.  Isn't
it possible to tell GPG to "store the keys together" or to encrypt with
my GPG key?

Second setup: I created an authentication subkey which I use as an SSH
key. It works, but again, gpg-agent asks for my passphrase twice, while
this time the SSH key is obviously encrypted with the same passphrase as
my GPG key, since it's part of it.  Any clue why gpg-agent keeps asking?

Pierre Neidhardt

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