On Wed 2018-02-14 14:20:10 -0600, helices wrote:
> CentOS 7 uses gnupg2 v2.0.22. EPEL doesn't have anything newer.
> We want to move to v2.2.x, and stay current, but we don't want to download
> source and compile for dozens of systems.
> We want all users to be using the same version all of the time.

This sounds like a problem for your operating system and/or package
manager.  GnuPG has a chain of build dependencies which often makes it
difficult to just import directly from a single RPM.

If you were running a more recent operating system, you'd likely get
something from the GnuPG "modern" branch as well anyway.

Perhaps you want to ask your operating system vendor what their
recommendation is for "backports" of specific packages?


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