Not sure if this is the right place to send this, but I figured I’d start here 
since seems to be hardcoded as a default in the source code for 

The company I work for leverages Palo Alto products for security, and we 
recently observed that was not resolving properly. After digging 
into it, we discovered that Palo Alto is flagging as a Malware 

I’ve gone ahead and submitted a request for them to reclassify it as a 
non-malicious “Computer and Internet Info,” but that doesn’t exactly answer 
_why_ it was flagged. And it looks like they may have just changed it while I 
was in the process of writing this email (can be checked at ).

I did observe that at least one of the pool members seems to not be configured 
properly (if I do a ‘curl -k -H 'Host:'’ it displays a busted Matomo page).

And I’m left wondering if one of the pool members was serving up something that 
caused Palo Alto to flag

Oddly enough, neither nor was 

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