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> > - xdg_shell's get_xdg_surface_special is not referenced elsewhere on
> > the interwebs. I have temporarily swapped it for get_xdg_surface;
> > thus, no longer is a more detailed window style being passed. I don't
> > see an obvious way to do the same with v5 xdg-shell api.
> > - Having done so, the window does not appear at all. I cannot find
> > evidence that a 'map' call is required. The window is there under
> > weston; events are being printed if I pass --GNU-Debug=dflt. It's
> > simply not drawing stuff on screen at all.
> >
> > What am I missing?
> I'm just reading around what I can find about xdg-shell and looking at the
> get_xdg_surface_special() calls I note the extra argument is 2/1/0 for
> main/background/other window styles.
> I wonder if the 2 and 1 might correspond to the xdg-shell states for
> maximised and fullscreen (which seem to have those numerci values).
> If so, perhaps calling xdg_surface_set_maximized () and
> xdg_surface_set_fullscreen() might have the same effect?

It might be, but that should not affect whether content is drawn on screen,
just how the window behaves? I mean, events seem to be captured, just
there's no content.

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