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Which verson of MSVC are you running?

I'm running MSVC2003. To put it mildly, I think the Win32 port of LIBTIFF
(tiff-3.8.2-1.exe) is highly suspect. I did get it to link (instructions below)
but when I run it to open *any* TIFF file (I've tried many variations from 
sources) it fails with an assertion error:

Assertion failed!
File: ../../tiff-3.7.3-src/libtiff/tif_dirinfo.c
Line: 457
Expression: tif->tif_fieldinfo != NULL

I was trying to run the tiff2raw.c utility (link below). Why does something
supposedly of version 3.8.2-1 reference a source file in directory 3.7.3.  And
what sort of error is that?  An assertion. All TIFF2RAW does is try and open
the file. I wasted a day trying to muck around, but I think LIBTIFF is suspect
and I gather it isn't supported either. Bloody horrible graphics format. I'm
looking for a utility that will convert large TIFF files to something (anything)
else. All the utilites in LIBTIFF convert *to* TIFF, rather than away from it.
Does anyone know an alternate utility.

As for linking in MSVC2003: Your error looks quite strange. Open the MSVC 
Properties tab, choose Configuration Properties | Linker | Input and add 
to additional dependencies. Then go to Main Menu Tools | Options | VC++ 
and add C:\Program Files\GnuWin32\include to Include and C:\Program
Files\GnuWin32\lib to Lib. Leave your project in _cdecl mode (if you're using
a *.c); may have to try something else if you're mixing .cpp and .c.

That gets it to link, but as described above it doesn't run. Has anyone else
there actually seen 3.8.2-1 *work* under Windows?

Short of that, I'd say LIBTIFF is a pile of crap and you should migrate your
graphics to another standard. TIFF always struck me as a stupid, overly 
design slung together by some crappy programmers who failed to  grasp
keep-it-simple-stupid. LIBJPEG and LIBPNG work out of the box. LIBTIFF doesn't.
Avoid ut.

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