We kind of worked around this by including the materials in the downstream 
pipelines but never fetching them in any stage - probably not an ideal 

Also whats happened over time is we seem to rely less on physical email 
notifications and more on Slack notifiers and build monitors (radiators) 
that we have custom built. 

Go should still probably do this out of the box though as trace ability 
through the value stream to me is one of the USPs of Go-Cd.


On Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 3:48:04 AM UTC+13, Christer Eriksson wrote:
> Did anyone get around to do anything about this?
> I would really like to have the value stream map evaluated for possible 
> upstream commiters who broke the build, I'm thinking like sending emails to 
> everyone with commits in the corresponding compare-view between the broken 
> and the previous green build.

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