Hi everyone,

I am new to the go.cd platform and I am experimenting with the API. I am 
trying to trigger a pipeline, and after looking at the documentation 
(https://api.gocd.org/17.8.0/#scheduling-pipelines) it looked fairly easy 
to do that. However, all I am getting back is "The URL you are trying to 
reach appears to be incorrect.". 

My API call looks like this: curl -u admin:abc --header 
"Accept:application/vnd.go.cd.v5+json" -d "" 

I am able to get the pipeline status from the API with the following call: 
curl -u admin:abc --header "Accept:application/vnd.go.cd.v5+json" -d "" 
-Xget http://localhost:8153/go/api/pipelines/MyFirst/status
The output is 

Anyone able to help me out with what is causing the issue? Thanks in 

Kind regards,

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