Thanks for bringing up the issue. This is a bug. User U2 is a pipeline 
group admin for other pipeline groups (other than group with pipeline X). 
While group admin U2 has permissions to create a new template, U2 must not 
be able to extract a template from pipelines that U2 does not have access 
to. Can you please log a bug in https://github.com/gocd/gocd/issues ? 

A workaround as you mentioned would be to make user U1 a template admin for 
the newly created template so that U1 can at least edit the configured 
stages and jobs in the template. 

Thank you,

On Wednesday, 7 March 2018 15:09:02 UTC+5:30, André Neves wrote:
> Hi,
> I was experimenting the usage of pipeline templates (in version 18.1) and 
> It seems to me that the creation of a pipeline template drives to the fact 
> that the owner of the pipeline looses the ability of changing that 
> pipeline. The scenario is this one:
> Pipeline U1 is created, a certain role is created and assigned to both the 
> user and the pipeline (Admin permissions).
> User U1 is now Admin for pipeline X.
> User U2 is NOT Admin for pipeline X, he users other pipeline groups / 
> pipelines.
> User U2 decides to create a template for a pipeline and uses the “Extract 
> from pipeline” option, selecting pipeline X as source.
> A template is created and now, U1 can’t edit the pipeline because it’s now 
> based on a template and he won’t be able to do so until the GO System 
> Administrator provides access to the template itself. U2, which created the 
> pipeline template is now admin for it.
> U2 has now removed the capability for U1 to modify the pipeline X for 
> which U1 is the owner. More, U2 can now edit the template and influence a 
> pipeline for which he is not the Administrator.
> Did I test something in wrong way?
> Is this the expected behaviour? It doesn't seem to be reasonable.
> Thank you
> André

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