The other option is you can set your version number to be something like 
100${COUNT} which will label the next item as 1002 but then you would need 
to make changes to the labeling as you hit 10 and 100. A solution but a 
very temporary one :)

On Friday, 29 April 2016 18:33:09 UTC+10, Chris Tamlyn wrote:
> Hi
> We have a pipeline that has been running for a while, and the ${COUNT} was 
> up to 50.  The pipeline then got renamed slightly by using the XML Config 
> to change the casing of the pipeline, from upper to lower case.  This seems 
> to have caused the ${COUNT} to reset to 1 on the pipeline, which now means 
> the pipeline fails as it clashes with the existing pipeline builds.  Which 
> don't seem to teat it as a new pipeline but a continuation of the existing 
> one.
> Is there anyway we can manually bump up the ${COUNT} again back to 51? 
>  Other than repeatedly running and waiting for the pipeline to fail and 
> therefore increment the number above its previous count.  The other 
> alternative I know of is to change the version format e.g. 1.{$COUNT} but 
> we use the version number downstream in our deployments so we cannot make 
> this type of change.
> How is go maintaining these variables?  Are they environment variables on 
> the GO Server?
> Any help much appreciated, please ignore the futility of cauing this issue 
> ourselves just to change from upper to lower case!

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