Hi there,

I've got a pipeline template where after fetching an artifact (eg. 
artifact.tar.gz) successfully, we untar the artifact via a custom command 
(`/bin/sh -c "tar xvzf \"artifact.tar.gz\""`).

On a new project we're only seeing failures in GoCDs console tab:

[go] Task: /bin/sh -c "tar xvzf \"artifact.tar.gz\"" took: 0.23s
[go] Task status: failed, took: 0.23s

...without any further information on why / what is happening exactly.

When executing  `/bin/sh -c "tar xvzf \"artifact.tar.gz\""` command as the 
'go' user on the GoCD agent itself via the cli 
(/var/lib/go-agent/pipelines/artifact_pipeline_name), the command untars 
the file perfectly, as expected. `echo $?` also underlines the command 
exited cleanly (0), so I'm unsure why we don't get to see this when GoCD 
runs the task...

Is there any more verbose logging I could turn on/dig into on the GoCD 
agent to get to the bottom of this issue? This has been baffling me for too 
long now :-)

Thanks in advance for your help!

Kind regards,

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