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> The point I was trying to make is that - unlike with subscriptions - there
> is a direct connection between the person who benefits from the value
> offered (the author) and the publisher.  Thus the marketplace should
> operate normally.

More specifically, it's a function of what you are paying for.

In an author-pays model, the author is paying in part for the peer-review,
editing, production, distribution - which are all replicable and comparable
services between publishers, and in part the reputation of the journal they
are being published in (which isn't as immediately replicable, but there is
always opportunity for journals to increase or decrease their perceived

As an author, you could (maybe) take your paper to another journal that has
a lower APC, and it doesn't (shouldn't) affect the ability of others to
read, share and use your paper.

As a subscriber, you can't simply move your subscription to another journal
and get access to the same material.

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