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Years ago the Open Access Directory (+OAD
<https://plus.google.com/117626500456468084617>) launched a list of people
willing to speak about OA at conferences, organized by country.

The idea was to help conference organizers identify potential speakers,
especially by country or region, and to consider people they night not have
thought about.

It was a good idea, and in the early days it grew to a decent size. But it
has barely been revised in years, and today represents only a small
fraction of the many good people qualified to speak about OA at conferences.

So the Open Access Directory faced a question. *Should we try to expand the
list, or retire it?*

We've decided to try to expand it. If we succeed, it will be useful again.
If we don't succeed, we can always retire it later. We'd rather try first
than not try at all.

If you're not listed and want to be, please add yourself. If you're already
listed but want to update your affiliation or contact info, please do so.
And please spread the word to colleagues who ought to be listed.

Remember that the OAD is a wiki and depends on the OA community to keep it
accurate, current, and comprehensive. It's crowd-sourced and distributed
under a CC-BY license. To limit spam, editing is limited to registered
users, but registration is free and easy. Reading and reuse are free for


Nancy Pontika
OAD Editor
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