Dear Heather

Thank you for your analysis in your blog post on DOAJ APC data. A few
remarks and updates:
Since our reapplication project, inclusion of APC values is mandatory for a
journal to be indexed in DOAJ.
We list the highest APC that is charged for a journal having several
different APCs for authors from different countries, different article
types etc.  This means that we may not list the local currency for a
journal if the local APC rate is lower than the rate for authors from other
countries. In cases where there is a APC per journal page we calculate a
price for an article of average length. There are also a few instances
where the author has a free choice on how much to pay as APC, but our
database does not cover these. We do not think that there are very many
other complex systems for APCs in the journals that we index.
Regarding the reliability of the APC data, I can tell you that, within the
next few weeks, we will start implementing a system that requires and
enables publishers to inform us of changes in the information that they
provided to DOAJ when their journals were listed. This will ensure that we
will never again have to go through the process of evaluating
reapplications for all the journals we list in DOAJ.

Dr. Tom Olijhoek
Editor-in-Chief  DOAJ
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