Unrespectfully, I would compare today's scholarly publication to a sad
story, or a funny one that has lost most of its fun. So I consider that
the comparison with a Monty Python movie can be accepted.

For me, by nature, knowledge must be free. Most of the time, not to say
always, it is paid by the citizens, directly through taxes or inderectly
through tax reductions for private investors.

And with today's system the published kowledge is still most of the time
nor freely accessible to anyone nor freely redistributable nor freely
redoable (data are not free for some kind of "rescience" test).

Until the publication of schaloarly works is done on internet, freely
and gratis and any kind of work even published anywhere can be used for
the valuation process (through some kind of evaluation process that may
still be to discover) I consider the process broken and in urgent need
of attention.

Best regards,

Nicolas Pettiaux, phd
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« Apprendre aux élèves à utiliser les produits privateurs de Microsoft,
Facebook, Google ou Oracle, c'est comme leur apprendre à fumer.
C'est leur donner une habitude coûteuse, dangereuse et dont ils se
déferont difficilement.» Richard Stallman

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