I do not think that you should apologize about such a situation.
What it means, on the other hand, is that a few resources should be
added to DOAJ and similar non-profits to have a team defending such
wonderful projects. I wonder if the Free software foundation could be
of help in identifying such a group. If not, it might be time to
explore the possibility of a consortial effort on that front. Libraries
might be interested too.
Jean-Claude Guedon

Le vendredi 10 août 2018 à 13:06 +0200, Clara Armengou a écrit :
> Dear community,
> We deeply regret the current problems with the DOAJ site.  After much
> investigation and active measures, we can state that the DOAJ
> is effectively under attack from an unknown third party.  
> We have deployed a number of counter-measures to halt this attack,
> but with limited success, and are therefore forced to take even more
> extreme measures to attempt to mitigate this.  We hope that this will
> work but we cannot predict the outcome at this stage.
> The DOAJ team would like to apologise for the intermittent service
> and to let you know we are doing our best to go back to normal
> operations.
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