"They made a ritual out of the child's rape. Why then does it not make our
conscience bleed?"

In light of the gruesome murder and rape of Asifa Bano, an 8 year old
child, a peaceful candle march will be held on the 15th of April 2018,
Sunday at 7pm, in Goa. The march will commence at the Miramar circle and
end at the Azad Maidan.  The people will be required to gather at the
Miramar circle at 6.30pm.

The purpose of the march is to raise awareness about the inhumanity and to
demand justice. Protesters are encouraged to carry slogans and banners.
Note that the message of these banners shouldn't circle around a particular
religion, caste or gender. We are walking for humanity. And we are walking
for justice.

If not now,
then when?


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